explains how and why things have changed and what it means for today and tomorrow.
— Martin Fritz, Philosopher

Why Right is Right, Why Wrong is Wrong, and Why Right Can Also be Wrong

The theory of Dual Morality explains the entire human moral experience. In doing so, it solves what had previously been understood as seemingly insurmountable moral contradictions, conflicts, and dilemmas between individuals and groups. 

Questions about Moral Mind 1 Moral Mind 2
Religion We should be flexible; one person’s beliefs can be as valid as another’s. The traditional religion of our people is best.
The Family One family is as valid as another, what is important is love and acceptance. The traditional and time-tested family structure is best.
The Country Borders should be open if possible; society is enhanced with cultural diversity. Cultural traditions are weakened and diluted with people and customs from other locations.
Rights and Freedoms The government's role should be expanded to guarantee rights and promote freedom, to ensure equality. Restricting the power of government is how rights and freedoms are secured.
Criminality The focus should be on prevention and rehabilitation. Everyone's life has some value. Punishment is the best deterrent to crime. Spare the rod and spoil the child.
Encourages Cooperation Competition
Ultimate social aim To provide To protect