Which Type of Person are you:

Questions about Type 1 People answer more like this Type 2 People answer more like this
Religion We should be flexible; one person's beliefs can be as valid as another's. The traditional religion of our people is best.
The Family One family is as valid as another, what is important is love and acceptance The traditional and time-tested family structure is best.
The Country Borders should be open if possible; society is enhanced with cultural diversity. Cultural traditions are weakened and diluted with people and customs from other locations.
Rights and Freedoms The government's role should be expanded to guarantee rights and promote freedom, to ensure equality. Restricting the power of government is how rights and freedoms are secured.
Criminality The focus should be on prevention and rehabilitation. Everyone's life has some value. Punishment is the best deterrent to crime. Spare the rod and spoil the child.
Public Acclaim worth seeking Fame: Popular acclaim in the present is most sought after and most highly valued. Glory: Acclaim over time and into the future is the highest ideal
Disposition toward emotions Emotions should be freely expressed Emotions should be controlled
Attitude toward violence Zero tolerance. Violence is a monopoly of the group, and so is to be expressed only by the state. Individuals should be non-violent in any circumstance and turn problems over to authorities. Violence is often necessary. A person has the right to defend themselves, their families, their country, their beliefs and their possessions. Individuals can be violent toward each other if they agree (dueling), or toward their underlings or pets that are in their charge.
Encourages Cooperation Competition
Ultimate Social Aim To provide To protect

The Theory of Dual Morality will demonstrate that in fact, you are both types … and so am I.